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BBQ and Grill

BBQ and Grill


There isn’t much that beats the sizzling of meat on a barbecue at the end of another long summer day – and we can certainly tell when the sun is predicted to shine because our barbecues are all out and in use around the Greater London area. If you’re looking to host a BBQ or similar read on to find out how we can help you with your event.

BBQ Equipment Hire

We have a wide range of barbecues available for hire, from small charcoal barbecues for more intimate events up to our commercial grade gas barbecues which can serve hundreds. We have different types of bbqs for different occasions to help you find just what you need. We also supply bottles of LPG gas and griddles for our barbecues to help you get the most from them.

You also may want to consider our prep table hire if you have a large amount of food being served. Made of stainless steel, our prep tables give you an extended hygienic surface to work from to help keep the food flowing onto the barbecue and grill.

If you want to reduce your stress further when hosting a bbq, then you might want to consider our “send it back dirty” service. From experience we know that barbecues can be hard to clean after a successful party – especially if you’re tired from having fun with your guests. For a fee of 25% of the hire price, all you have to do is to scrape any remaining bits of food from the barbecues and we’ll clean them professionally at the warehouse when they are returned.

Bottle Cooler Hire

Everyone knows that the perfect accompaniment to any barbecue is a cold beer – and while we cannot supply the suds we certainly can help with supplying things like bottle coolers to keep your beers cold while you’re eating hot food.

Like our barbecues, our bottle coolers are very popular in the summer months and it’s wise to plan fairly far ahead to ensure you’re not caught out by a dip in availability. You can contact our staff on 0800 910 1100 to check to see we have what you need in stock for the date of your occasion.