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Cocktail Equipment Hire

Serving cocktails at your next event? Chances are you'll need more than just glassware for your drinks - and we can help you! Shake it like a polaroid picture with one of our cocktail shakers, or add some colour to your drinks with our cocktail sticks and straws - and you'll have a recipe for success!

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  1. Muddler

    Are you serving cocktails at your next event? Like a cocktail shaker, a muddler is a very useful tool for serving mixed drinks, particul... More
  2. Bar Spoon

    Have you ever tried to stir a cocktail with a regular teaspoon? Spoiler alert - they're not big enough - which is why you need a long ba... More
  3. Deco Cocktail Shaker

    Making cocktails like Tom Cruise doesn't have to be mission impossible with these Deco Cocktail Shaker. These are the classic style of c... More
  4. Boston Shaker And Glass

    Get the cocktail party started with this Boston shaker and glass. This style of shaker comes in two parts, a metal tin and a specially t... More
  5. Garnish Dispenser

    Garnishes aren't the first thing you think of when you think about bars but it's the little touches that make nights special. This dispe... More
  6. Glass Rimmer

    Add an extra touch to your mixed drinks with this glass rimmer. Conveniently sized for standard sizes of cocktail glasses, this rimmer w... More

6 Items

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