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  1. 6" Plate

    If you're serving food at your next event or special occasion then it's more than likely you will need plates. These 6" plates are gener... More
  2. 8" Plate

    Are you serving food at your next event or occasion? Then it's almost certain that you're going to need plates. The 8" plate is frequent... More
  3. 10" Plate

    If you're looking for your main dinner plate, then you've found it right here. The 10" plate is probably one of our most hired out items... More
  4. Oval Plate (24.5 X 19CM) - Simply Vitrified Hotelware Porcelain

    It's a bit tricky serving food at an event or special occasion without plates - but sometimes round plates just won't do. If that's the ... More
  5. 8" Square Plate

    Add a touch of contemporary class to your table settings with this square plate. At 20.5cm in width, this plate can be used as a side pl... More
  6. Pasta Plate/Bowl - 11" (27cm)

    The pasta plate/bowl is one of our most versatile pieces of crockery hire! It can be used for a variety of different courses, either as ... More
  7. Oval Plate (30 X 24 CM) - Simply Vitrified Hotelware Porcelain

    If your guests have a bigger appetite then bigger plates are going to be needed for your table setting - and these oval plates might be ... More
  8. 12" plate

    Do your guests have a larger appetite? These 12" plates are a bit bigger than the normal dinner plate and are great if you're serving la... More
  9. Square Plate (27.5cm) - Simply Vitrified Hotelware Porcelain

    Add a touch of contemporary elegance to your table settings with these beautiful square plates. At 27.5cm across they're a good portion ... More
  10. Rectangular Plate (29 X 17CM) - Simply Vitrified Hotelware Porcelain

    Looking for something a little bit different in plates? These rectangular plates are a little bit different from the standard circular v... More
  11. Jack Stack - 104 Plate Holder

    Holding large numbers of plated food for an event or an occasion can be tricky without a jack stack. This jack stack can hold up to 104 ... More

11 Items

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