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  1. LPG Gas Cylinder Y Piece

    Use two pieces of LPG equipment with one bottle with this handy Y Piece. This is very useful for situations where space is limited and g... More
  2. 19kg Propane Gas Bottle

    If you are using LPG equipment then gas is going to be essential. This 19kg Propane Gas bottle is designed to be used with all of our ca... More
  3. 18kw Commercial BBQ Griddle

    Portable, reliable and incredibly easy to use, the Propane Gas Barbecue Griddle is an effective and sturdy solution for large scale outd... More
  4. 18kw Commercial BBQ Griddle and 19kg Gas Bottle Package

    Hire the 18kw Commercial BBQ Griddle and Gas to get your barbecue started! This deal comes with 19kg gas bottle. Portable, reliable and ... More

4 Items

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