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Streetfood and Pop-Ups

Street food and Pop Ups

The explosion of street food events up and down the country has brought about a food revolution to the collective British palate. What was once seen as the preserve of hipsters and gastro-aficionados has become a staple of the Great British summertime – and we’re here to help build on that further.

Read on for more details of how we can help at your next streetfood event.

Outside Catering Hire

Equipment breakdowns are never a good thing, but they are an unfortunate fact of life. Our extensive range of outside catering hire has been built to help you keep your business going until you can source a fix or a replacement.

We’re able to offer both short term hire solutions for one-off events, or long term rentals for those who know that they’re going to need outside hire equipment for a while. We have stock that is both gas and electricity powered to match with your requirements.

Fridge Hire

It’s a well-known fact that on a hot summer’s day the perfect accompaniment to most food is a cold beer. Having cold beers on tap is a surefire way to keep your customers happy, and we have a few ways we can help you in this regard.

For those who want to serve beer straight from the keg, we have offer beer dispensers. Simply plug the dispenser in, attach the hose to the keg and within five minutes you’ll be able to pour a perfect pint. For those who want to offer bottles, our fridge hire is what you are looking for. We have tall display fridges and double bottle coolers which are perfect ways to not only keep your beer cold but have it on display for your customers.

Outdoor Furniture Hire

Streetfood events are more than just being about serving food and drink. Your guests and customers will no doubt want somewhere nice to sit and enjoy the delicious nosh you’re serving them. For some events this will be easy enough to find – but If you’re doesn’t have any furniture, do you know what to do?

We’ve slowly built up a good selection of outdoor furniture hire that is strong and resilient to last up to whatever the British weather can throw at it, but it still comfortable enough for your guests to want to use them. Our beer benches and tables are excellent for setting up quick places for people to sit, while our plastic folding chairs stack away quickly for ease of moving around.

Gas Catering Equipment hire

Power supplies at outdoor events like festivals can be notoriously difficult to use with high powered equipment like ovens and fryers. For this reason we have developed a range of gas supplied appliances so that it's your food that gets fried rather than the electrics. Our gas appliances are all serviced frequently by gas-certified engineers and do not require gas certificates as they are a non-permanent installation.