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Summer Fetes

Summer Fetes

Summer Fete Hire


It's a classic idyllic British scene - the summer fete. Bunting, stalls selling arts and crafts, barbecues and pig roasts - when the weather plays ball it's hard to beat. We're proud to be able to offer a first-class service for everyone from stallholders to event organisers.

Whether you need a barbecue for your burgers or a gazebo for your golf day, we’ve got a massive range of outdoor furniture permanently in stock. We’ve got experience in supplying festivals, fetes and fairs up and down the country and can work with you to bring your event to life.

Gazebo Hire

Gazebos are probably one of the most obvious sites at any summer fete or fair. Easy to erect and simple to take back down, gazebos offer a bit of shelter against the ever changeable British climate whether it be scorching sun or summer showers.

Our range includes two different sizes of gazebo, allowing you to pick the size you need for your stall. We also have accessories such as sidewalls and weights, allowing you to customise and secure your gazebo as you see fit.

Barbecue Hire

If the sun is making an appearance, then a barbecue is a must for any summer fayre. After all is it really a summer fete if you can’t smell something delicious cooking on the horizon? Barbecues are a staple of the outdoor event because they are so easy to set up and take back down, and don’t require any kind of safety certificate to run.

We have a good range of barbecue hire including charcoal barbecues for a small affair right up to our commercial grade Cinders barbecues for large events. We can even supply gas and accessories for the Cinders barbecue to help you serve a wider range of food.

Outside Catering Hire

Outside catering hire doesn’t necessarily have to be about barbecues though. With the emergence of street-food festivals and events up and down the country, people are more inclined to try exotic food while at outdoor events like summer fetes.

Not everyone has got a hipster burger van to go though, so we have built a selection of streetfood catering hire to help summer fayre organisers bring a touch of this new sensation to their events. We’re always expanding our lines too – you never know what we will add next!