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We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, modify these Terms and Conditions of Hire, with or without notice to the Customer. Any such modification will be effective immediately upon public posting of this change on our website. Your continued use of our Service following any such modification constitutes your acceptance of these modified Terms.

All goods therein are offered under the express understanding that the items shown are only available whilst not out on hire. Hire estimates are given 24hrs a day via this website. To secure hire items please confirm your booking by checking out and making full payment at your earliest opportunity. Orders are only confirmed upon receipt of full remittance, prior to this any prices received should be viewed as an unconfirmed quotation. Any orders placed online within seven days of your delivery/collection date have to be verbally confirmed with one of our sales staff to ensure availability. If you place an order within the seven-day time frame without consulting with a member of staff your order will not be honoured if we do not have the necessary stock, staff or vehicles available.

All times given for either delivery or collection are indicative only. We cannot recommend strongly enough that you do not take delivery of your order on the day of your event or on the day you need to set up for your event. If you choose to ignore this advice then you release Expo Hire UK Ltd from any responsibility due to late delivery and any implications that this might have.

Any advice given by any members of our staff is of a none professional nature and does not form part of any contract between ourselves. You should investigate fully whether any items you hire are suitable prior to placing an order.


All equipment and services are booked on the strict understanding that payment is required in advance to allocate and book you stock and/or service. Orders cannot be confirmed without either payment in full or a valid purchase order number. If you place an order online and choose the 'pay by bank transfer' option, please be aware that your order is not confirmed until we receive payment. Goods are only held for 24 hours prior to them being released. If you choose ‘pay on account’ and you do not already have an established credit account with us then we will not honour your order.

Additional Charges

As part of this agreement you authorise Expo Hire UK Ltd to store your credit or debit card details and automatically charge you, without prior notice, for any additional charges incurred. This will include, but not limited to, additional hire charges, replacement of lost/stolen items, items returned that are damaged, items that are sent back dirty without pre-payment and additional delivery charges.


Any items that are either lost, stolen or damaged will need to be replaced by the customer. If after the event losses are found the customer will be fully liable for their replacement value. Any loss or damage will be established upon the return of items to our warehouse. It is impossible for a driver to establish loss whilst collecting and you accept that this can only be done once the items have been returned to us.

The Customer will be liable for all costs incurred by Expo Hire UK Ltd in recovery due to the Customers breach of the agreed repayment terms, to include fees for a Letter Before Action @ £30.00, Debt Collection Agents fees @ 20% of the amount overdue, Interest at 8% above the Bank of England’s Base rate and Late Payment Compensation per Invoice of £40.00 on balances under £1,000.00 and £70.00 on any balances over £1,000.00.

Send it back dirty Service

Visitors using our website to obtain quotes or place orders may request a price with or without our Send It Back Dirty Service. Even if ‘Send it Back Dirty’ option is chosen all crockery must be scraped, glasses emptied and food waste disposed of. Under no circumstances should scourers or abrasives be used on any hired equipment. Aluminium parts or hire items will become permanently damaged if washed in commercial or domestic dishwashers. Customers who do not take advantage of ‘Send it Back Dirty’ must return items in exactly the state of cleanliness in which they were received, i.e. they must be in a condition that allows us to hire them again immediately by 10.00am the day following the event. Customers who opt to do their own washing will be charged additional fees if returned items are found to require additional cleaning by us.

Without commercial washers or professional washing aids it is very difficult for customers to return linens and some other items in the exact clean state we require for re-hire. Therefore, the charge for laundering linen is included in the hire price, for these items simply place the items back into the bag they were delivered in. You do not need to tick 'send it back dirty' at the checkout.

Delivery and Collection

Delivery and collection services are NOT included in the Hire Charge set out on this website. A delivery and or collection charge "at cost" is calculated depending on distance. Delivery services are from door to door and based on a single driver having unencumbered access to a convenient ground floor location. An extra charge will be made if hired items have to be carried over any distance greater than 10 metres. Drivers do not, and will not, carry hired items up or down stairs or steps. Hirers should ensure that they or their representatives are at the delivery/collection address. Wasted journeys deriving from non-attendance will be charged for. Deliveries to third parties or unoccupied premises are made entirely at the hirer’s risk and will not be delivered unless authorisation is received in writing. In the case of Collection, all goods should be checked by the hirer, re-boxed as appropriate and ready for immediate kerbside collection. We will not allow our vehicles to drive onto fields without prior authorisation.

If access to collecting the hired equipment is denied, blocked, or impassable, a wasted collection journey will be automatically charged, or waiting time charged to your deposit. Any parking tickets issued to vehicles whilst executing a delivery or collection will be charged for whilst we appeal that issue, Alternative collection arrangements must be make in writing and confirmed by our office.

All deliveries and collections that are off the public highway or encounter access problems, or delays in excess of 30 delivery minutes are charged at £12.50 per quarter hour of part thereof in addition to our standard delivery and collection rates. If you hire a porter service it is assumed that routes to deliver are easily negotiable, those that are not incur £12.50 per quarter hour of part thereof in addition to your porter hire for both driver and porter.

Paying for Premium Delivery and Collection at checkout ensures that the driver will be accompanied by a second person to ensure efficient delivery of heavy or awkward items. In addition, your time for delivery and collection will rise from 15 to 30 minutes. Some items require Premium Delivery and Collection to be paid for due to their sheer size and weight; if this is the case we will contact you to advise when confirming your order.

Deliveries and collections are made at any time between 8am and 8pm. Our drivers aim to contact you on the telephone number given on the order between 30 and 60 minutes prior to arrival.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any timed deliveries or collections. It is imperative to get things delivered the day before an event as we cannot be responsible if we do not get to your event on time if items have been ordered on the day of the event. If items can be left in a secure area our drivers can access then it is possible for a customer not to be present for collection.

All refrigeration units must not be switched on for at least 12 hours after delivery. Failure to leave a fridge standing switched off will result in irreversible damage which will be charged for.

Hire period

Goods will be available for delivery by us up to 48hrs before the event and must be collected no later than one day after.

72hr hire periods cover a maximum of 3 days including the day of pick delivery and collection. Extended hire periods are charged at a per day rate of an additional 20% of the initial hire charge.

All hired items, including cardboard or plastic packing containers remain the property of Expo Hire UK Ltd. Damaged, missing, or destroyed packing containers will be charged at a minimum of £5.00 per packaging item against the deposit.

Extended hire costs will be charged to your debit or credit card either on the first day of the extended hire or when hire items are returned or collected. Please note, if we are unable to collect our property at the agreed time then both additional collection and hire charges will be applied to your card.

The hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of all hired items from the time of delivery, until returned to the custody of Expo Hire UK Ltd. If you leave any items in the care of a third party you are fully liable for its wellbeing until it has been collected. Wooden or fabric items must not be stored in damp or wet conditions. Tarpaulins and bungee straps are available for hire if you think wooden items are likely to become damaged or affected by the elements.

Damage or breakages to hired items will be charged for separately at replacement cost. The hirer will be notified of any breakages once all hired items have been checked in at the Expo Hire UK Ltd. warehouse. Substitute items will NOT be accepted. Hire items damaged or broken as a result of not packing correctly in the original boxes will be charged the replacement cost plus an administration charge of twenty-five pounds.

The hirer shall fully indemnify Expo Hire UK Ltd. in respect of all claims by any person whatsoever (including the hirer, his servants, agents or employees) for death or personal injury or damage to property caused by, in conjunction with, or arising out of the use of hired items and in respect of all costs and charges arising under statute or common law or otherwise.

Linen hire charge includes the cost of professional laundry services. Linen must be completely dry before returning. Linen can be ruined by mildew if left damp or wet. Damage by mildew, cigarettes, candle burns or hot cooking utensils will be charged to the hirer at replacement cost for each item.

Gazebos must be secured to the ground (especially in windy conditions) when hired either by use of guy ropes and pegs or by leg weights.

Alterations & Changes

Orders and quotes that are processed and subsequently booked are accepted on the understanding that any changes or alterations may have to be Fast Tracked through our workload if alterations are required within 7 working days of the event day. Any discounted quote or advance booking that requires altering will be subject to the current prices on the website.

Loss or Theft

If a hire item has been lost or stolen the onus is on the hire customer to pay for a replacement within 24hrs of the loss having been discovered. For guidance the replacement value of an item is ten times the hire value. Alternatively, the hire customer may continue to extend the hire whilst they conclude an insurance claim or search for the missing items. Unless we are told otherwise hire fee's will continue to be accrued until the point whereby we are informed that the goods have been lost and an agreement is reached on their replacement value. It may not be economical or practical for Expo Hire UK Ltd to extend the hire until the item/s are located, therefore in such uneconomical cases or where the hire customer cannot be contacted the hire customer agrees to instructions by default a solution of the cheapest option. If the hire payment has been paid by card payment the hire customer agrees to replace the missing items by the same method without the necessity for further authorisation. An administration charge of twenty-five pounds will be charged against deposits for arranging replacement of missing, vandalised, or hire items damaged as a result of negligence.

LPG Gas Bottles and Equipment

Our drivers are not qualified gas engineers and should not be treated as such. All LPG equipment should be installed and tested onsite by a Gas Safe engineer before use.

All of our gas equipment is for use outdoors or in temporary well ventilated spaces. You should not use any of our gas equipment within a confined space or inside a permanent structure.

Using Electrical Equipment Outdoors

We strongly recommend that gas equipment is used for events where only temporary power supplies are available. Usage of electrical appliances with high power ratings on a temporary power supply can cause the supply to trip and appliances to not work properly or at all. We cannot be held responsible if electrical hire equipment has failed due to issues with the power supply.

Hire of Staff

Staff (Chefs, Supervisors and Front of House) are only hired if ordered within 4 weeks of an event, and in conjunction with Expo Hire UK Ltd equipment hire or catering services. We cannot accept last minute requests for hired staff.


The FULL order price must be paid prior to delivery. Goods cannot and will not be left without pre-payment or an account facility in place. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, or cheque payable to "Expo Hire UK Ltd" 10 days prior to hire day or bank transfer (details on request) 5 days prior to hire day. We will not accept a cheque on delivery, payment has to be in cleared funds prior to goods being left. If we arrive at an event and payment has not been made the goods will not be left but we will charge a cancellation fee.

In the event of default of payment, the hirer will be required to pay all costs incurred in respect of recovery - including solicitors and any other legal fees that may be accrued.

Force Majeure

We cannot accept liability where the "performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by circumstances amounting to force majeure" Such events may include but are not limited to war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear activity, wet or windy weather conditions, fire, or any events outside our control".


For your peace of mind, we strongly recommend that a suitable insurance be taken out by yourself as all equipment is the responsibility of the hirer from acceptance until return or collection, including equipment left at other premises. You should therefore make every effort to ensure the equipment is kept dry and retained in a secure place until this time.

We strongly urge any customer to take out event insurance against the cancellation due to circumstances beyond their control.


You shall indemnify and keep Expo Hire UK Ltd. indemnified against all actions, claims, losses, costs (including all legal costs actually incurred or otherwise), damages and expenses that are suffered or incurred by Expo Hire UK Ltd. and whether or not reasonable or otherwise foreseeable or avoidable which arise directly or indirectly from any breach or alleged breach by you of any of these Terms and Conditions or your use of the Site or any Associated Site.


Any claims bought against Expo Hire UK Ltd. cannot be in excess of the original amount paid. We accept absolutely no responsibility for any consequential losses, perceived or otherwise, by the none performance of a contract. All disputes must be settled in the court system of England & Wales.

Cancellation Rights

Once your order is confirmed and booked we regret we cannot offer a refund should your order be cancelled. However, we will instead offer credit notes to be used against future orders at our discretion.

We must stress in the most definite terms to all customers that it is vital that you get insurance against your event being cancelled. Your first port of call should an event be cancelled should be with your insurers.

We must also stress that it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are compliant with all local, regional and national restrictions for the entire duration of the hire period.

Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Diesel, Kerosene and Petrol is supplied and invoiced on the strict understanding that any returned fuel is credited at half the invoiced price.

Complaints Procedure

Our approach to complaints is simple, in that our objective is 'satisfied customers'. If you have any reason for complaint, about our products, services, website, in fact anything to do with our company, then we hope you will contact us. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Any missing, faulty, or broken items must be reported immediately by phone or email within 4 hours of delivery. We strongly recommend that on receipt of delivery of your hire equipment that you check all items. We can only come to service any equipment at the address it was delivered and we cannot be held liable for any damage that may have been caused while you have transported it. Any faulty items that have been collected from our warehouse need to be returned to us as quickly as possible.

Our aim is a top-class service so any help you, as a customer, can give us to improve would be gratefully received. All complaints will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.