Blue Rope BarrierHire Ealing - 1.5m

Blue Rope Barrier System - 1.5m

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Blue Rope Barrier System - 1.5m

  • Length 1.5M
  • Brass domed ends
  • Soft textured rope
  • Ends attach to wall or post
  • Price per length of rope

If you're looking to give your next event or special occasion a VIP feel then you may want to consider our rope barrier system. Designed to work with our chrome posts (hired separately), these blue barrier ropes have brass domed ends and have a soft textured feel. They can be attached to a post or wall, and are 1.5m long each.

Product Specifications:

  • Brass domed ends.
  • Soft textured rope.
  • Ends attach to wall or post.
  • Dimensions : 1500mm.
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Product Name Blue Rope Barrier System - 1.5m
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